Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Yes, I admit it, I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I'm really not all that excited about the series, so I thought I better get some thoughts about it out now before I just don't care anymore.  I will say that I loved the Hunger Games.  I thought the premise was smart and that Suzanne Collins had really done a good job of coming up with a dystopia that had some originality to it. A community that was totally aware of social control, when the majority of the controllers themselves were clueless.  Without any spoilers, the next two novels were just too repetitive of the concept to be interesting anymore.  They weren't awful, I did read them, but they were overall kind of blah.  Definitely check out the first one, but unless you're totally sucked in, the others aren't really worth it.


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